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Auto Insurance Quotes
Save Up To $600* – How Much Will You Save?

You can see savings of up to $600* by getting instant, free, no-obligation auto insurance quotes from multiple top rated companies. You won’t receive any spam, and you won’t have to make any telephone calls. Don’t you think that is worth 8 minutes of your time?

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A Story About Auto Insurance Quotes

auto insurance quoteWhen the time comes for your car insurance company to raise your rates, there are a couple of ways you can respond. The first is to get angry and frustrated, and go into a fit of depression or discouragement. Of course, you know where that will get you, right? Not very far! I speak from experience, because my insurance rates have gone up more times than I care to count, and it’s certainly not one of my favorite experiences.

Like me, maybe your rates have increased in spite of your driving record. I have a safe driving record, with no accidents or tickets in several years, and still I was seeing my auto insurance policy rate go up year after year. Of course, whether you have a good driving record or not, policy premiums are increasing across the board. You may find that you qualify for every safe driver discount your insurance company offers, yet still your rates are steadily increasing.

I have found a virtually guaranteed way to lower your rates* for good. The best part of this news is that anyone, good driving record or bad, can take advantage of this money saving method, and all it will cost is about 8 minutes or so of your time. You can request auto insurance quotes from a selection of the most aggressive local insurance agencies in your region, plus several of the best rated insurance firms nationally. Allowing these companies to provide you with competitive, money-saving quotes is the best way I know of to slash your rates by as much as 30%* or more!

The reason I created this Got 8 Minutes? website was to help folks like you and me get quotes from multiple agents and companies. It’s easy when you know where and how to look, and since these companies are anxious to compete for your business, you might as well let them. Listen, there’s no need for you to just take my word for it, OK? Less than 8 minutes from now you will have several car insurance quotes so you can do your own competitive comparison. Even if your savings turn out to be only average, you will save about $431* every year from now on. That sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

Why Not Just Get A Quote From Geico, Allstate, Or Progressive?

A lot of people have asked my why they couldn’t just call one of these major national insurance companies that advertises so heavily, like with a talking lizard or a caveman. The answer is, you certainly could, in fact you probably should. But I strongly urge you not to use that as your only money saving tactic.

Why not? Simple.

Because even after you get their best quote, you still only have one or two rates to compare with what you are currently paying, and that’s just not enough for a true competitive comparison. Just because you get a quote from Progressive or Geico that’s 10 or even 15% lower than your current premium, that’s no guarantee that they are offering you the lowest rate you could be paying, is it?

You can’t possibly know you have truly found the cheapest rate until and unless you get a lot of quotes, and the simplest easiest way to do that is to use the method I’m suggesting.

So, by all means call Geico or Allstate, or whoever. But, in addition to that, click the button above and let multiple companies compete for your business. After all, it’s completely free and you will be done in minutes. The best way for your to compare auto insurance quotes, or obtain free car insurance quotes, is to take a few short minutes right now and just do it. Auto insurance quotes are just a mouse click away.

Auto Insurance Quotes Help You Find Affordable Discount Coverage

Since car insurance is required across the country, from New York and Michigan to California and Arizona, the American family needs to understand what they need to cover in case of an accident. In addition, there are several high risk factors that can throw you or a member of your household into a risk pool, driving the cost of your policy even higher. Following is a guide and some tips for obtaining the cheapest rates and highest quality insurance coverage available.

Some Things You Need To Know:

  • Home owners normally pay lower rates.

  • A 17 year old new driver will pay the highest premiums. A teenager can be expensive!

  • Muscle car drivers incur premium increases.

  • Those with poor credit often pay more.

  • Some companies have special rates for a truck, van, or motorcycle.

  • Some US States and locations are higher rated. See list below.

  • Commercial insurance is more than personal.

  • Antique and classic cars can be cheap to insure, because they are typically driven less.

  • If you go on vacation, contact your agent. Canadian or Mexican coverage may be needed.

  • If you drive a rental car, contact your agent to make sure you are covered.

  • Unlike life insurance, your bank normally can’t write a car policy.

  • Gap coverage covers the difference between your car’s value and what you owe.

  • Claims and claim settlement is your responsibility. Get more than one estimate or estimates.

  • You have the right to choose your own repair facility.

  • Many repair facilities now offer direct billing to your insurance company.

  • In the average household, only health insurance is more expensive than auto.

Auto Insurance by State

Some states are just more expensive to insure a motor vehicle in. A listing of those states would include New Jersey, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania. NY auto insurance, due to the state’s no-fault insurance laws, is significantly more costly than many surrounding states. Other states, notably Georgia, Nevada, and AZ auto insurance, are slightly lower. In addition, coverage in certain cities can be higher. For example, in Texas, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio residents pay higher rates.

Auto Insurance Companies

Here is a listing of many of the highest rated car insurance companies. Many of these are national mega firms, but some are more regional:

AAA, Progressive, State Farm, Geico, Titan, General, USAA, Mercury, Allstate, BUSAB, AIG, 21st Century, State Farm (StateFarm), Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Amica, Safeco, Hartford, Travelers, Farmers, Infinity, Erie, Eastwood, GMAC.

*Average Savings - $431/year!

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