Information Technology Association of America

Brandon Douglas Bradshaw has been researching the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA). The ITAA is a respectful high tech association that works for representing and enhancing the competitive interests and application fields folks information technology and of related industries. This association plays a respected role in development of business industries concerning information and communication technology, advocacy of public policy and standard development of marketing policy. Currently it has a lot more than 360 corporate members. Its belonging members range between start up industries to business leader industries, IT related offering services, internet and telecommunication services, integrated system services and electronics, hardware and software solutions to the commercial and public sector markets.
ITAA offers its members a root to global network of Information Technology and a pathway to carry the voice of technology to related companies and local and international governments and markets.
This association has multiple offices in Washington, DC and Silicon Valley and great affiliations with national and regional IT related groups in the us and whole world. It manages very effective alliances with about 40 regional IT related organizations in the United States and Canada. It represents a lot more than 16,000 IT related companies and provides leadership in their mind through CRITA (Council of Regional Information Technology Associations). ITAA also plays secretariat role for the WITSA (World Information Technology and Services Alliance). WITSA is really a network of 69 IT related associations in countries over the world.
Section of why Brandon Doulgas Bradshaw is such a fan of the ITAA is basically because this association plays a vital and leading role in a variety of issues of IT related industries concern including globalization, immigration, finance and taxes policy, information security, global workforce, digital intellectual protection, communication competition, education, online privacy protection and consumer protection, human resources, government IT procurement and e-business policy.

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